Alert! This Update Might Be The Reason You’re Losing Your Google Ranking

A local SEO agency can help you understand the latest Google changes to keep you updated. This NEW Google update might have resulted in many searches going out of the way of Google’s guidelines. People are still figuring out what is wrong and what is right when it comes to looking for the results they need. There may be some glitches with the update and changes in how people search the platform.

Many people will experience a drop in the rankings of their websites without the right insight to adjust accordingly. People who had the best content in the past might be affected negatively, as the content creation pattern has changed today, even though it is viewed from different perspectives than it was a decade ago.

However, the old writing techniques and review practices can hurt Google rankings today. So, be sure that your sites are updated with the changes to maintain performance. Otherwise, you will see a decline in your traffic and rankings. If you notice any ranking and visibility changes in Google search over the past two weeks or so, especially if those were big changes, you can likely attribute it to this update.

An Update Confirmed 

Google has confirmed that the aptly named “helpful content” update is now finished rolling out and will begin to impact online performance. The update took 15 days to fully implement, starting on August 25, 2022, and ending on September 9, 2022. As a reminder, Google’s helpful content update is a sitewide signal that reads several metrics to distinguish high-quality copy.

Additionally, it targets websites with a relatively high amount of unsatisfying or unhelpful content, where the content is first written for search engines. This change takes power away from those who simply put keywords in the content to achieve ranking and hands it over to those who develop high-quality, engaging copy for their sites.

Without the informative aspect and a certain level of benefit to readers, your content will no longer be valuable within the Google system. This update is a major game changer for those practising search engine optimisation as they will need to ensure a high standard of writing is always reached to achieve their campaign goals. The focus shift also creates a unique space for smaller businesses that have struggled to rank in their industry.

Following this, they can easily adapt and improve their content to ensure they are suddenly outranking much larger competitors. An equaliser in many ways, the more knowledgeable people within an industry, or the more creative writer, now give you the services and results to outpace your industry in local rankings.

What If It Hit A Site?

Google has provided a list of questions you can ask yourself about your content to ensure you meet their quality standards. If you suddenly notice a drop in performance, then it could be that your content does not hold value to your readers but only serves to include keywords within their body.

Indeed, this was often a cheap way to achieve rankings without actually offering value, but now it ensures your site will not perform. You should audit your site content immediately to ensure that your quality aligns with the new requirements before hitting your site.

More On The Helpful Content Update

The new helpful update targets content created for ranking well in search engines rather than to help or inform people. It can damage many businesses that have gotten complacent with their content strategy. This update aims to help searchers find high-quality content rather than just well-optimised copy. In addition, Google wants to reward more useful text written to support the user experience.

On the one hand, the previous design presented an easy way to rank on the Google system, or at least it did, but it also did not require any value to the user to reach that rank, and that user-based focus is the entire ethos of Google. In short, searchers are getting frustrated with landing on web pages that do not help them answer their queries.

However, this algorithm aims to downgrade those websites while promoting more helpful ones that put the user experience first. This shows the importance of working with a skilled digital agency, as they will be able to tell you about the latest changes and ensure that the content that populates your site is always of good quality.


While there is the broad idea that the update won’t be overly impactful across the board, it does bring about the focus on content quality which has long been a discussion within the optimisation space. You may be in trouble when you rely on low-quality, well-optimised content.

On the other hand, some also argue that this won’t be such a changeup after all the UX-focused changes in the past. Quality has long been a larger focus of the Google system as time has passed, so it makes sense that this would be the next direction for the update. This could also be why many are not concerned, as they are sure of the quality they have already produced ranks in the current climate.

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