Exploring the Different Types of Google Analytics 4 Reports

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) reports are a great tool for gaining insight into your website’s performance and understanding how users interact with it. The new GA4 reports offer you more in-depth analysis of your website data, such as details on user behaviour, engagement metrics,

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An In-Depth Guide to Keyword Mapping for SEO

One of the most important tasks for any SEO is creating effective keyword maps. Knowing how to map keywords can help you better understand the content that will generate the highest search volume and maximise your website’s visibility on SERPs.  Here’s everything you need

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How Voice Search has Changed SEO and Online Marketing

At this point in 2023, voice search is nothing new. In early 2008 when Siri first came out, the world of search changed. Now, voice search is used more often than regular, typed searches! From asking Alexa to find a restaurant nearby, to telling

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