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What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is a range of different practices and strategies used to optimise your website for relevant searches and help you appear as close to the top as possible of search results. It is all about increasing your website’s visibility.

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Does my Business Really Need SEO?

Digital marketing is more important than ever, and having your website appear on the first page of organic search results is a sure way to increase your website traffic, make more sales, and stay ahead of your competition. All while optimising your time! Whatever industry you are in, it would be highly advantageous to have your site be fully optimised for SEO.

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Can I Do My Own SEO?

As a business owner, you can carry out your own SEO strategies, but it may be more complicated than you think. SEO can be very time-consuming, and if you aren’t well informed about SEO, you could make costly mistakes without even realising it. That is why it’s recommended that you leave your SEO in the hands of digital marketing experts.

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What Are Keywords?

Keywords are the words that will be used throughout your site that will help your site appear in relevant searches. It is important that you use the right keywords so that you come up in searches made by potential customers. Keywords also need to be strategically placed and cannot be simply stuffed all over your site.

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What Are Some of The Most Common SEO Practices?

Sound SEO practices include:
• Link building
• Content creation
• Keyword research and usage
• Decrease page loading times
• Ensure that there are no error pages or broken links
There is really a lot that goes into creating and executing a successful SEO strategy.

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Why Isn’t My Site Ranking On Google?

If your site is not showing up in Google searches, it could be because your site is still new and has not had the time to build up online authority yet. You may also have been given a penalty by Google because of things like plagiarism and the likes.

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