SEO Mistakes

The 5 Biggest Beginner SEO Mistakes You Can Make

Making mistakes when it comes to SEO can be costly and have a long-term negative effect on your business. Certain mistakes result in penalties by Google, and serious issues can even cause your site to become blacklisted. Unfortunately, SEO mistakes can be relatively easy to make, especially if you’re not very experienced or well informed when it comes to SEO. Some of the most common SEO mistakes that will land you with the most problems include:

Not Including Local SEO

If your business wants to attract customers in your area and neighbouring areas, you are going to want to ensure that you don’t forget about local SEO Services. Optimising your site for local searches means listing your address, making use of location-specific keywords, and ensuring that your business is listed with local directories. If you don’t invest in local SEO, you could be missing out on hundreds of potential customers.


If you want to enjoy impressive search engine rankings, you need to ensure that your content is 100% original. Google, as well as other search engines, penalise websites heavily for plagiarism. By using an expert copywriter, you can rest assured that your website content is completely unique. Never ever copy-paste from competitor sites, use quotation marks when quoting anything, and keep each of your web pages original.

Waiting Too Long Between Audits

You need to audit your website regularly if you want to know how well your SEO campaigns are doing and to ensure that there are no error pages or broken links. Audits can be carried out by using specialised software or by a professional digital marketing agency. Not picking up on any issues could really cost you in the long run. An SEO audit will also show you what areas of your website and SEO strategies need to be worked on most urgently.

The best way to avoid SEO mistakes is to have your SEO taken care of by digital marketing experts! Get in touch with Affordable SEO Services today, and we can come up with an SEO strategy that will work best for your business.