link building

The Benefits Of Link Building

Link building on your website is a lesser-known but vitally important practice to ensure your site is gaining traction. You can direct more users to your information or services when you understand how to connect your site to other pages internally and externally. With professionals to support you and guide you, you can appeal to your audience, gain more organic value and ensure a more promising SEO result. In addition, these strategies allow you to be a part of an industry network and create connections between pages in a meaningful way. Read on to find out why this practice benefits digital marketing.

Internal Strategy 

Internal linking seems logical, even to those who need to become more familiar with website development. This practice links specific keywords and phrases to other pages within your site. This, in an ideal world, keeps users engaged with your information. When you can implement this correctly, you should be able to extend page view times and the time a user spends on your site. This implementation is incredibly helpful to eCommerce spaces as well, as linking to other similar products can ensure more purchases are made at once. This optimisation practice helps your page’s traction and your site’s organic value. The more time users spend on your pages; the higher Google will value your information.

External Model

External linking, on the other hand, can be a bit harder to achieve but holds far more value for your SEO performance. This strategy relies on your site being present on directories, external websites and other reference pages. When you have other websites pointing to and directing users to your information, your content is seen as a more valuable source. Not only does this help your site become more visible on the search engine system, but it allows you to appear in more places where users search online. You will have many relevant sites painting your own when you can be present across the online spaces. This value ensures Google that your information is the best to serve users.

Organic Value

Organic traffic is best described as the natural value your site gains through content, optimisation, visibility and attention. The higher your organic value, the better your performance across search engine ranks. A range of internal and external links pointing to your information can increase organic value by funnelling organic traffic through your pages. Links from directories that encourage new users to visit your site can also be a major benefit. When you have other directories funnelling users to your site, you can engage more and capture more potential customers.

Referral Traffic

While this ties into some previous elements, it does deserve mention. Referral traffic is extremely valuable to your website value and, ultimately, your business. A link on a relevant website can lead many users who trust that site to follow the link to your services. This influx of traffic benefits SEO and increases your opportunities for sales and further contact. When you have a reputable brand or business referring their users to you, whether paid partnership or an agreement, you have more chance of capturing these new potential customers.

Domain Authority 

Domain authority is essential for google to determine how trustworthy and reputable your web pages are to the average user. Page authority refers to a single page and can demonstrate how well a web page might rank on SERPs. Site authority, also called domain authority, is a score that dictates the value of the entire site as a complete offering. While it can be beneficial to have a few links pointing to a single page, or a few pages, you need links to pages across your site to show true authority. When you have the right linking strategy, you will have external funnels pinpointing users to pages throughout your website, increasing your site authority.

Sales And Revenue 

With the right strategy and the right sites pointing to your pages, you can increase the number of people visiting your site regularly. This influx of traffic ensures that more people explore your ages and, in turn, use your products or services. When you ensure that these users are coming to your site, you can be certain of increased sales and revenue through your online store or business space. In addition, when you implement the right linking strategy, you can attract more users to your pages and increase visibility of your pages.

A solid link-building strategy can make all the difference to your online performance and ability to attract new users. When other brands and businesses link to your site, you can ensure increased exposure and far more domain authority over competitors. Contact us today to find out more about these services from Affordable SEO Services.