Blogging For Marketing

Why Blogging is So Important to Your SEO Strategy

Any digital marketing expert will tell you that blogs play an integral role in any successful SEO strategy, and it is recommended that if you have a website that you post around two blogs a month. But why is blogging so important?

Opportunity For Fresh Content

Did you know that businesses that offer blogs are far more likely to convert their website viewers into paying customers? Blogs give you the opportunity to create more indexed pages and fresh content, and if we know anything about Google is that Google loves content!

A Way to Use Keywords

If you want your site to rank for particular keywords but are not too sure where to put them, a blog offers you the ideal opportunity to use keywords and track and monitor them to see if they improve your SEO rankings at all.

Attract Links

Quality blogs attract attention, and the more quality blogs that you have on your site, the more likely you are to have your blogs linked on other websites and social media pages. This gives your page more online authority and is great for your SEO campaign.

Increase Business Visibility

Blogs help bring more traffic to your site and increase your business’s online visibility.

Offering Your Clients Value

While offering value may not technically be a factor when it comes to SEO, it does definitely help keep users on your site and turn site viewers into customers. Blogs can be used to pass on advice, information, guidance and more.

How to Start Blogging

As a business owner, you do know your business best and can definitely write a few of your own blogs, but if you want to make the most out of your blogs, it is a good idea that you employ the help of expert copywriters and digital marketers that know how to use your keywords in the most effective way possible.

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